About the Monthly Quote

Many years ago, I received a calendar for Christmas with an inspirational quote and a brilliant photo every month. “There is nothing you and I can’t do,” my brother said as I opened the gift that he gave me. I do not remember any of the other gifts that year. This simple calendar was the one that touched me the most. I took it home and put it on my wall near my desk.

When I turned the page from January to February I thought I’d send the quote to my brother every month. When March rolled around, I thought I’d like to send it to everyone I knew. I collected my email addresses and away it went. The monthly quote was born.

Many years later, the monthly quote evolved to a website and a database that can send the quote out to thousands of people. Over the years many people have subscribed through the Monthly Quote website that I created. It has given me a wonderful tool for reaching out to people from my past and to meet new people, so I decided to make it a service available for anyone to use to keep in touch with their connections, new or old. That is what the monthly quote is today.

There is nothing you and I can’t do. An important part of that is staying connected and sharing our inspirational thoughts and feelings and reaching out to each other.

Jay Ligda

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